It’s a good week.

Over a foot of snow predicted tomorrow, and then an inch or two a day for the foreseeable future. Now, that’s a forecast I can get behind! Going to grab some wax this afternoon and go for one last hike with the little dudes…

Engineering Christmas

Yesterday, Mom “helped” me with Vivian and Naomi’s Christmas presents. Translation: she figured out what to do, how to do it, and actually did it. I cleaned up. That’s help I can get behind! Apparently, Vivian has been enjoying taking her pillowcase off every day, filling it with her stuff, and hanging it on the … Read more

Rain, be snow

I keep staring out the window, hoping the rain will have turned to snow. Thus far, it hasn’t.

End of summer bliss

Stopped off on a country drive to let the dogs run a bit. Completely empty state park? Check. Leaves just starting to turn in the Great North Woods? (Yes, that’s actually what they’re called.) Check. I love fall.