You Must Never Listen

I could really get behind a post-apocalyptic video game with @wernerherzog as a main character. #youmustneverlistentothistape


I wonder how many times in my life I’ve written “Go tit” in an email instead of “Got it.”

RIP Muppets

Remember that time when the Muppets weren’t advertising cars and iced tea? That was awesome.

Stay out of the march?

The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor is a once-in-ten-generations kind of project. It will be remembered either for saving the human race or for being the most colossal waste of effort in human history. All the wealthy countries are pouring cash into this giant energy-donut, and its acronym (ITER) has an “I-love-sci-fi-but-the-kind-that-stars-Bruce-Willis” Latin translation: “the way.” … Read more

What will the big, dumb animals do today?

We bought a sofa at the family furniture story in Plymouth yesterday from a woman named Peggy* — mid-sixties, fine bone structure, blue eyes, wrinkles that caused her great stress. She wore the Plymouth, NH version of fashion for women of a certain age: leopard print head scarf, flowy, bright layers, maybe a vest, tights, … Read more