What is Alison up to lately?

Updated April 16, 2023

Very at Home

I’m currently living in the wonderful small city of Keene, New Hampshire, where I’ve been since 2019. I have two amazing little dogs, Peanut and Pepper, who deserve their own children’s book someday.

In the Studio

I’m very much focused on music-making again, after an 10-year hiatus from age 30ish-40ish. I’ve released a couple of EPs over the last couple of years. I just finished a new album called IX under the Blix Byrd moniker. It’s the first release I’m 100% excited about since I’ve been back at it.

Personal Computing

A longish-term project at the moment is to use technology that makes my life and mind a better place. For me, that means detaching myself from the corporate internet as much as possible. So — no centralized/corporate social media, as little Google as I can manage, and self-hosting everything I can. I’m perpetually tinkering with where my data flows, and am enjoying my little technotopia, even though the user interfaces usually aren’t the best.

Good Times

I’ve enjoyed a few solo trips lately, both to far-flung destinations like Scotland, and local ones like New York. I have a great set of friends here in Keene, and am active on the board of a great local arts organization.