About Alison

Alison Wilder is a musician, technologist and entrepreneur. She has an unhealthy obsession with how the brain works, especially with regard to music, and an even unhealthier need to learn by experience. Here are some of the formative experiences and outputs those obsessions have prompted:

  • making experimental electronic pop songs as Blix Byrd
  • sonic intelligence consulting to help sound/music businesses improve their music outcomes and incorporate smart pattern-oriented thinking via PatternSonix
  • co-founding an early machine learning-driven music tech company called Clio Music (with ex-hubs and current bestie Greg Wilder)
  • acquiring a Master’s in Music in Music Theory from Temple University
  • quitting a PhD in music cognition at McGill University in MontrĂ©al after realizing academia was becoming a shadow of its former self
  • making weird haunting gothy synth-psych as Doctor Body (with Greg Wilder)
  • co-hosting the podcast Too Much Music (with Greg Wilder)
  • nationwide data literacy/visualization work for arts professionals via a Fractured Atlas/Harvard partnership
  • working to support the Monadnock Region arts community on the board of Arts Alive
  • web design and development for loads of artists, arts organizations, and New England businesses
  • post-punk prog Goth metal fusion electro band Voodoo Economics
  • placing in pole-bending in the 1991 AJRA finals (That’s the American Junior Rodeo Association, for those of you without knowledge of such things. Pole-bending, you’ll have to look up.)

Alison lives in the beautiful Monadnock Region of New Hampshire with Peanut and Pepper, two small mutts who should one day star in their own children’s book.

In Studio with Dogs, 2021