Sunday Post Wrangling – 05-02-23

Every Sunday (or not-Sunday, as it were), I pull all of my posts from my Mastodon account into a blog post here. 04-17-23 Any #linux types out there have experience with running Linux on a Lenova Yoga series laptop? I have a Yoga 9 and I think I’d like to switch it over. I found … Read more

Alison Wilder inside a not-yet-budding Japanese maple staring out impishly

Sunday Post Wrangling – 04-16-23

Every Sunday, I pull all of my posts from my Mastodon account into a blog post here. 04-11-23 I love Plex’s sonic analysis features. I listen to my personal music library through Plex, and it’s such a blast to see what pops up together. For example, some of my more #experimental Blix Byrd music comes … Read more

Blix Byrd IX album cover

Album Release – Blix Byrd IX

I couldn’t be happier to put this album into the world. It’s been quite the journey, and I’m both thrilled and a bit sad that it’s over. The blurb: IX serves as a tall, intricately-carved shrine to Alison Wilder’s songwriting. It combines sparkling synths with menacing guitars, a Texas swagger with an East Coast snarl, … Read more

A stuffed peacock sits proudly on top of a pile of milk crates in an art gallery

Sunday Post Wrangling – 04-10-23

Every Sunday (or, in this case, not on Sunday), I pull all of my posts from my Mastodon account into a blog post here. 03-20-23 Mix procrastination achieved: I just designed and priced out a new, very sturdy Jaspers keyboard stand to replace my mediocre Standtastic stand, on which everything moves when I play with … Read more

Alison's reflection in a gallery in Chelsea, NY

Freedom Upgrade

I’ve been feeling a building impulse to stop using Gmail for my personal email and calendar, and somehow today became the day that I moved over. I’ll be forwarding my Gmail, but will be using Proton Mail for my personal email and calendar for the foreseeable future. As all moves away from Google go, it … Read more

Close-up shot of snow drops blooming in front of a big granite rock

Sunday Post Wrangling – 03-19-23

NB: The featured image is of snowdrops in one of my back beds — the recent snow melted in that area and there they were, on March 18. Spring is springing! (I mean, here in northern New England, it’s not really going to be springing but more loitering for awhile, but still.) Every Sunday, I … Read more