Hello GPT, My Name Is…

I wrote the following introductory text for my personal ChatGPT account when I wanted to use it to help me brainstorm (???) ideas for my new YouTube channel. As I’ve already found with prompt writing, it was clarifying to describe myself to an LLM for this very specific purpose. I’m much more honest/blunt than I … Read more

A snowy field with a inner tube in the foreground and adults and a child down the hill in the distance

Finally, a Snow Day

Got in a little snow shoeing and went sledding with my favorite 2-year-olds and their adults. What a great snow day! I didn’t realize how much I was missing the snow until I saw it this morning.

Alison in her studio looking frustrated about the limitations of the Akai Force

Two New YT Vids

After literally years of thinking, “Hmm, I should make some videos” and then proceeding to do everything BUT make videos, I made some videos. Here they are: When I decided to finally sit down and do this, I made one rule for myself: I would NEVER create a thumbnail with a crazy look on my … Read more