The nut, the moron, the stylist, and the critic

I liked this bit from Susan Sontag’s journals. Apparently, the LitHub post from whence this came was in violation of something, so it’s gone. Rules for Being a Writer from Sontag’s journals, December 3, 1961 The writer must be four people: The nut, the obsédé The moron The stylist The critic 1 supplies the material; … Read more

Books that wish they were movies

I know I’m not the first to notice that lots of recently-authored books seem more like a verbose screenplay written in prose than a novel. This seems to especially be the case with genre books. I recently finished the first book in an acclaimed new fantasy series, the Draconis Memoria trilogy. The Waking Fire is … Read more

I work, therefore I meditate, therefore I work harder.

As workplaces demand that their employees hustle harder in a more precarious world, mindfulness has emerged as a means to manage stress and increase productivity. Since its import to America, it has been oddly well-suited at making the individual citizen responsible for mitigating the suffering and loss that our necrotic social structures have induced. So … Read more

How we roll Christmas

The season may be officially over, but that doesn’t mean the party has to stop. As you can see, Don Quixote is the strong, silent type, but he’s enjoying the vibe. Clink!