Alison's Yamaha U3

The piano in its natural environment

New-to-me Yamaha U3 is in FULL EFFECT! Funny, it looks like it’s been there all its life. I’m absolutely thrilled with it so far. My main complaint: it sounds like it should play like a grand, and of course, it doesn’t. That said, I’m SO enjoying the feel of it, esp. for songwriting and classical … Read more

Quote from Essays in the Art of Writing

Music and literature, the two temporal arts, contrive their pattern of sounds in time; or, in other words, of sounds and pauses.  Communication may be made in broken words, the business of life be carried on with substantives alone; but that is not what we call literature; and the true business of the literary artist … Read more

George Strait 4-Ever

Rocking George Strait’s greatest hits in the office this morning. Dear Greg puts up with me. During Amarillo By Morning (which he has never heard), he said, “I mean, you didn’t really need to write a song telling us where you’re going to be. You could’ve just left a note…”