End of summer bliss

Stopped off on a country drive to let the dogs run a bit. Completely empty state park? Check. Leaves just starting to turn in the Great North Woods? (Yes, that’s actually what they’re called.) Check. I love fall.

Birthday Mountain Biking

Had a great birthday (one day late, but better weather!) mountain biking with Greg. We didn’t even have to pedal up the hill because there was a ski lift…ooh la la!

Living on the Side of a Mountain

Greg and I just bought and moved into our first house (well, the first one we own, anyway), and we couldn’t be happier with it. Our dream of living in the woods on a mountainside is officially realized!!

Moose Sighting

Greg and I just had a double moose sighting while XC skiing! Still no photographic evidence…maybe next time. Those suckers are hard to catch on camera. Not because they’re fast, but because I just stand there awestruck.