Engineering Christmas

Yesterday, Mom “helped” me with Vivian and Naomi’s Christmas presents. Translation: she figured out what to do, how to do it, and actually did it. I cleaned up. That’s help I can get behind!

Apparently, Vivian has been enjoying taking her pillowcase off every day, filling it with her stuff, and hanging it on the doorknob. She also loves fleece and interesting textures. The idea: put it all together! (And the resulting idea was so cool we figured Naomi would need one too.)

The resulting pillowcases came out to be really fantastic. (So much so that I considered another one for myself.) The fur around Vivian’s pillowcase (the monkeys) is probably the softest thing I’ve ever touched, and Naomi got Chewbacca fur, which is obviously just plain cool. (We won’t tell anyone how the Star Wars pillowcase started life inside out…RATS SRAW forever! May the ECROF be with you!)

All in all, a very enjoyable couple of hours!

2 thoughts on “Engineering Christmas”

  1. Well, Alison did a little more than just clean up. She noticed that I had stitched the Star Wars fabric wrong side out. Oops. She also pressed things, made executive decisions about consturction and turned the tubes we needed right side out. Had a great time and loved the products. I suspect the children will too!

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