Alison's Yamaha U3

The piano in its natural environment

New-to-me Yamaha U3 is in FULL EFFECT! Funny, it looks like it’s been there all its life. I’m absolutely thrilled with it so far. My main complaint: it sounds like it should play like a grand, and of course, it doesn’t. That said, I’m SO enjoying the feel of it, esp. for songwriting and classical … Read more

Love o’ jesus

When you spend all day learning and perfecting a JavaScript charts library, only to realize at 3:00pm that a table is actually the best solution.  

How we roll Christmas

The season may be officially over, but that doesn’t mean the party has to stop. As you can see, Don Quixote is the strong, silent type, but he’s enjoying the vibe. Clink!

One Mouse, Two Cups?

On January 1, 2019, original works from 1923 will move into the public domain. This batch will be the first new public domain works in over 20 years. Mickey Mouse was born via Steamboat Willie in 1928. That means that, barring further Disney intervention, in 2024, the Mouse can become…anything. I, for one, am keen … Read more

Interest index

Create a list of everything you’re interested in, ever, here. All of it. Sea mammals Global politics Linguistics Micro-timing and latency adjustment Evolution as a heuristic for other things Cultural influence on story-telling See also, folk stories Crimes and how they’re solved Religion Mythology

A Mass of Socks and Humanity

I spent the day yesterday driving through the early snow to Northfield, Vermont to get a deal on superior socks. Jessamyn from Metafilter told me that the Cabot factory sale is where all of Vermont gets its socks. She doesn’t seem like the type to be fucking with me, so I’ve a trip to the … Read more

She’s a real beaut, Clark.

Just reporting a beautiful sunset at Casa de Wilder this evening. I love it when the leaves fall off. (I also love it when the leaves fall on.) When I took this, I was just coming home from running some errands. I noticed the beautiful sunset on the way home and decided to drive up … Read more

Trinity Churchyard Cemetery is eerie and beautiful.

The drive between Campton and Holderness is strikingly beautiful at the moment. As many times as we’ve driven by the Trinity Churchyard Cemetery in Holderness, we’ve never stopped. After driving past three times today (yes, because I forgot something), we stopped on the fourth drive-by, which happened to be at the golden hour, to photograph some leaves and tombstones.

Funny how autumn can totally transform something you’ve seen a thousand times…

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It’s a good week.

Over a foot of snow predicted tomorrow, and then an inch or two a day for the foreseeable future. Now, that’s a forecast I can get behind! Going to grab some wax this afternoon and go for one last hike with the little dudes…

Engineering Christmas

Yesterday, Mom “helped” me with Vivian and Naomi’s Christmas presents. Translation: she figured out what to do, how to do it, and actually did it. I cleaned up. That’s help I can get behind! Apparently, Vivian has been enjoying taking her pillowcase off every day, filling it with her stuff, and hanging it on the … Read more