Sunday Post Wrangling – 03-12-23

Every Sunday, I pull all of my posts from my Mastodon account into a blog post here.


The only song on my upcoming album without bass is the easiest to mix and currently sounds the best. Hmm.

(Yes, before you say it, this definitely says more about me than about bass.)

#MusicProduction #Mixing


Really digging this release from Greek label Modal Analysis of almost-lost outsider music:

“An early electronic pioneer who employed homemade percussion, wind, and string instruments alongside a few more modern pieces, mainly a Korg MS-10 and the tape recorder he used as his primary composition tool, Marien Van Oers occupies a lonely branch on the tree of this music’s early efforts.”

#experimental #electronic #bandcampfriday


On hold at my optometrist’s office. The instrumental indie rock production music is changing tempo at seemingly random paces and intervals. I like it better this way.


I just started the movie Pig. It better not turn out like that donkey movie I heard about, because I already love this damn pig.



A shitty, pixelated icon for the installer for TurboTax Business 2022

Nice installer icon, Intuit. Le sigh. REALLY wish I never had to touch another Intuit product. Let the games begin



I just typed no porrblem into a chat window and was reminded of this guy (warning: he flashes)


There’s a real live Jimmy Jr in my town!!

“I just wanna dantthhh!”

#BobsBurgers #NewEngland #SmallTown

A newspaper clipping from the Keene Sentinel about a teen who is seen dancing downtown regularly