Sunday Post Wrangling – 05-02-23

Every Sunday (or not-Sunday, as it were), I pull all of my posts from my Mastodon account into a blog post here.


Any #linux types out there have experience with running Linux on a Lenova Yoga series laptop? I have a Yoga 9 and I think I’d like to switch it over. I found some information in the #ArchLinux wiki about my particular model, but just curious if anyone has direct experience. If so, what has it been like? What #distro did you use?

Probably should have bought a Thinkpad for the native support, but alas, I didn’t. :*(


Currently exporting all stems and individual tracks from the final mix of the new album, and resenting being an adult who does things like this. Cleaning up SUX.

But, as I keep reminding myself, I really wanted to remix some old music recently and couldn’t because 25-year-old me just didn’t do cleanup. What a punk.



Just in case you need a nose bump to get you over the Wednesday hump. Courtesy of Peanut.

A small brown dog in a red sweater comes very close to the camera with her nose.

I figured my lappy wasn’t really living up to its sticker, so I installed #ubuntu on it this week. It’s such a frickin’ relief to have a non-Windows PC again! It’s making me want to use my lil’ laptop more than my giant and much faster desktop. <3

(And if you happened to see my question last week about whether Ubuntu works well on a non-Thinkpad Lenovo Yoga…it’s brilliant. Perfection.)

Lenovo Yoga laptop starting up with Ubuntu
Lenovo laptop from the back with a \"This Machine Kills Fascists\" sticker

This is literally what the current version of “AI” is for. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


I just listened to the 30-minute track called “This Dust Makes Mud” from Liars first album. I’m listening to a digital file, but it REALLY feels like the record is skipping. In my trance-like state I started pulling apart my studio because it feels cluttered. WTF is happening????!!


Spent the last two days cleansing from album-mode — I re-organized my studio (I have a guitar corner now!) and made a track.

#MusicProduction #FemaleProducer #Experimental #NewMusic

This is a cover of a version of a song of mine (ha!) that @composergreg and I released as Doctor Body. Here’s the Doctor Body version:


Peanut and Pepper have their own couch where they can look out the window now. They’re very happy with it.

Two dogs looking out the window from a dog sized window seat

Seen at my local old school New England bakery today. Holy crap, they’re right!

A sign on a bakery counter reads, "Stressed spelled backwards is desserts. Coincidence? I think not"


Almost wrote a blog post just now, but then I was like “omg how boring.” Phew.


I haven’t been excited about a Spitfire Audio release in quite awhile, but I’m absolutely going to grab and use this free Labs release from Sam Battle, aka Look, Mum, No Computer.

It was recorded at his obsolete music technology museum in Kent. VERY cool!

#ElectronicMusic #MusicProduction


Russian illuminated manuscript from 11th century Kyiv, wherein St Luke appears to have to go really really bad and a naughty bull leans in from the corner dangling a piece of paper in front of his face
St Luke begs that the last remaining scrap of toilet paper be granted to him by the great holy bull in the sky, who loves to taunt his flock.
Russian illuminated manuscript from 1203 in Kyiv depicting St John quietly and serenely asking a bird in the sky for a sheet of toilet paper
Whereas St John, ever prepared, asks the holy goose for his allotment before he needs to go really really bad


Monday Git-r-Done Music is Buffalo Daughter’s 2006 album Euphorica. I don’t know how I missed this incredible Japanese arty/proggy rock band when they were releasing their early albums, but I’m so glad to have found them. Insta-fave!

They’re touring North America this month and next…I may have to travel to Johnny Brenda’s in Philly (one of my favorites!) to see them. If anyone happens to have seen them recently, how are their shows these days?

As seen on a food blog:

“Pretzel bun. They have a slightly bitter soap taste but are delicious with chicken salad, heavy on the mustard.”

Whaa? A “slightly bitter soap taste?” I really hope this was written by ChatGPT or the like.

Or am I missing something everyone else knows about pretzel buns?


This is delightful. A+, first-class internet.

Space Elevator