Sunday Post Wrangling – 02-26-23

I’m introducing a new habit into my routine — pulling all of my Mastodon posts from the previous week into my blog. This was inspired by Marc at

Although this is technically antithetical to the Indieweb philosophy of syndicating everything from your website to other sites, I love using Mastodon as my place to shoot from the hip, without any guilt if I’m not thorough or even particularly clear. And since I run my own Mastodon server, I’m still in control of my data. That said, this is my real home on the web, so I’d like it to be here.


This article starts a bit slow, but it turns into a fun exploration of the relationship between music and abstract painting, which are two of my favorite things.

Is the attunement of abstract art and music more than a metaphor? |


This article is an absolutely wonderful romp through how shadows are depicted by artists, and what that might tell us about the human mind.

“The goal is not to expose the ‘slipups’ of the masters but to understand the human brain. Art in this sense is a type of found science — science we can do simply by looking.”

Painters have rendered shadows incorrectly for centuries. But their liberties with physics can contain aesthetic multitudes  |

#aesthetics #art #painting


“To try to make things a little more complicated, I asked ChatGPT to write a reply to my boss’s email for me. It began by ‘wholeheartedly’ agreeing with his anti-cliché stance and everything else he said. (Good idea.) Then it made a promise: ‘Moving forward, I will make a concerted effort to steer clear of cliches in my writing.’ “

I loled. Sorry for the probably-paywalled Atlantic link. FYI they have a full and free RSS feed.

Welcome to the Golden Age of Clichés |


It kinda weirds me out when people refer to art as “muscular.” Then again, I’m also consistently grossed out by the word “lunch,” so it’s probably just me.


I’m #CurrentlyWatching season 3 in my Twin Peaks rewatch. Wooooo! I’ve seen season 3 before, but hadn’t seen the rest of the series in years prior. It’s so fun to watch it all in a row.

ATM, I’m wondering whether David Lynch is the kind of person who insisted on doing his own helicopter shots of NYC instead of using the gajillions of hours of pre-existing footage. Anyone have a guess? Or maybe you actually know?!


This is my answer to getting older and having to eat more leafy greens. Every day, I put a pile of lettuce on my cutting board, and I grab a handful each time I walk by until it’s gone. Then, I don’t have to bother with making salads all the time, and I can cook how I want! Bonus: you kinda feel like you’re getting a snack every time.

#healthy #tips #eldermillennial

A pile of green and red leaf lettuce sits on a bamboo cutting board


On to #debugging some cables that apparently aren’t patched properly in my #studio. She needs patchbay access to her precious analog filters, yesssss.

Can one debug the physical world?


I’ve had a very fulfilling day today – I transcribed a couple of months worth of journal entries into my #Obsidian vault, and started working on a very exciting music-related #ActivityPub / #Indieweb project that @composergreg and I have been talking about for some time.

Both of these things have a high barrier to entry for me, but are also very important to my well-being. Yay me!

A red rose with baby's breath in a small black vase, with paintings blurred in the background.
Somehow this image is conceptually related to my post.

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