It’s finally spring in New Hampshire.

I love hiking when spring is *just* happening in New Hampshire! Bolstered by the clear results of a “Hike or Nap” poll on Mastodon, Peanut and I took a lovely walk today on some of the trails in the Harris Center for Conservation Education‘s massive…tracts o’ land. (Yes that WAS a Monty Python joke, thank you.)

Our most exciting forest discovery today was a raging…brook? Small river? Being from Texas, I actually don’t know what you call it, but it’s a body of water whose character changes completely in the spring.

I muted the insane white noise generated by this deluge. You’re welcome.

Peanut told me that the blazes took us to the other side of this body of water, but once we got over there, I figured out that she was wrong and we had to cross back. Damnit, Peanut! Get it together!

A few choice photos:

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