Sunday Post Wrangling – 06-11-23

On Sundays when I feel like it, I pull all of my posts from my Mastodon account into a blog post here.


I plugged an #80s #fantasy-sized hole in my Plex library over the weekend. This was my absolute favorite sort of movie as a kid in the 80s. (Yes, I already have Labyrinth and Dark Crystal, duh.)

Screenshot of Plex action & science fiction library with covers for the movies Masters of the Universe, The Neverending Story, The BeastMaster, Willow, Excalibur, Return to Oz, and Legend


Today’s punch-you-in-the-feels phrase of the day comes at you courtesy of Leonard Cohen:

“You held on to me like I was a crucifix.”


How about a little late afternoon #podcast frivolity with your two favorite music nerds…

It’s part 1 of a pop vs. art music smackdown with @composergreg and myself! (Also available wherever you get your podcasts through a little #rss magic.)