Sunday Post Wrangling – 07-02-23

On Sundays when I feel like it, I pull all of my posts from my Mastodon account into a blog post here.


I decided to try walking my dogs on streets I’ve never been on before and discovered this beautiful hidden pond and park, surrounded by neighborhoods on all sides. #SilentSunday

A pond is surrounded by trees and covered in lily pads.
A path leads past a grassy field with granite benches toward a pond


This acquisition does not thrill me. I hope I’m proven wrong.


Moog Music Joins The inMusic Family


The Mexican hat flower in my new bed started blooming today. What a striking flower! I love coneflowers so much.


A single flower atop a long stem. This regular/symmetrical flower has drooping petals that go from dark red at the center to a rich yellow tip. The seed head is tall, and is even larger than the petals.


This is what every. Single. Music hardware manufacturer should do, at LEAST after production is discontinued on an instrument.

I don’t use the word “should” lightly, but I really believe this.


Synthstrom Deluge Firmware Now Available As Open Source

(NB: this post was exciting to people.)


I love grilling season, when I can add burnt meat to any dish without making my home smell like burnt meat.



How companies use dark patterns to keep you subscribed


Little bit o’ rainy Sunday morning kitchen counter fun


A Roland SP404 MK2 sits on a kitchen counter alongside a mic, headphones, coffee, and a lit candle.